Call Recording

Take control of what employees and stakeholders are saying to clients and third parties. Advanced call recording will help resolve disputes and clarify transactions faster. You'll have immediate access to recorded calls. Restore and maintain good client relationships. Use it as a coaching tool and improve your teams performance. And if the need arises, call recording is the perfect witness in disciplinary procedures and legal matters.

Vodafone Call Recording by Red Box Recorders

Red Box Recorders has been working closely with its partners. They deliver flexible, secure and resilient recording solutions which address specific regulatory needs. For businesses, Red Box Recorders take the confusion and headache out of compliance.

Capture and replay

The Red Box Quantify system records and stores communications in the background. The built-in Search and Replay feature allows you to replay on demand. You can verify information fast. All calls and other voice communications are logged for record-keeping and compliance. Analyze interactions to assist decision-making. Record and replay calls in a way that works for your business or organisation.

Compliance recording

Regulatory demands are a significant and increasing challenge. Every industry has it's own regulatory requirements. Failure to comply means heavy financial penalties and long-term damage to your organisations reputation.

Quantify helps you meet the need for compliance recording with its voice and data recording solution. Record all voice communications with secure data storage. Maintain full compliance with strict retention regulations. Data are accessible for investigation and auditing. Quantify has the flexibility to help you adapt as regulations change.

Incident reconstruction and auditing

Supply evidence for investigations, dispute resolution or liability protection. You'll have the ability to show who said what and when; it's a powerful asset.

Workforce optimisation

Your company's quality of service is intrinsic to your customer's loyalty and reputation. In public safety, lives depend on agents answering calls and gathering accurate information fast.

Call recording provides accurate feedback for call training purposes. Monitor call quality, assess employee performance, and provide personalised coaching and training. Keeping your employees engaged reduces turn-over. Reducing turnover cuts your recruiting and hiring costs.


Truphone Mobile Call Recording

Truphone Mobile Recording helps you record, encrypt and store all your calls and SMS messages. No negative user experience even in and between countries.

FCA and Dodd-Frank compliance

Truphone Mobile Recording helps you record, encrypt and store all your calls and SMS messages. No negative user experience even in and between countries.

Your employees can still work effectively while on their mobiles, recording conversations when required. Seamless call recording in compliance with FCA regulations in the UK and Dodd-Frank in the US. And no changes to your IT setup.

True workplace mobility

IT teams can offer true workplace mobility while meeting company compliance and regulatory needs. Reliable data connections and no affect on call quality or user productivity.