Your mobile network is critical to the success of your organisation. Whether you're a small business or you’re a global leader in your industry, you need the tools to keep you profitable. Tools to cut costs. Tools to converge systems. Tools to install stronger security. And mobile, so your business is flexible and scaleable as you grow.

Lower your mobile charges with fixed cost international roaming. Maintain control with flexible, scalable plans to fit any business. Manage hardware and mobile devices with a Citycom dedicated account engineer. Optimize your calling plan with in-person quarterly tariff reviews.


At the core of your communication solution is a team of professionals who understand your unique situation. People who take the time to get to know you, your organisation, and the issues driving your communication concerns. Through this deep understanding we can identify the solutions which work best for you.

Ongoing support

Your business is fluid, fast-paced and dynamic. Static support solutions won't work and cost you money. The consultancy process is ongoing. Monthly and quarterly face-to-face support meetings keep you on top. Tariff reviews ensure your business continues to get the best rates. Having a dedicated point of contact and a single monthly bill keeps it simple.

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Simplify your tariff management by allowing us to help you sense and respond to market changes. Discover which plans keep you competitive and reduce costs.

Bespoke solutions

Select an off-the-shelf tariff or a bespoke tariff solution. Save money by building a custom tariff from our provider partners like Vodafone and Truphone. Build a bespoke tariff contract which is the right fit for you.

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Select your preferred devices from our large inventory of stock and competitive prices. Direct partnerships with all major distributors ensure the device you need is waiting for you. Secure priority stock on new device launches. If you're making a switch, use our "try-before-you-buy" service. If you're too busy, use our "ready-to-go" service so your device is pre-configured out of the box.

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Select your accessories from a large selection of the top, leading brands. Choose your cases, covers, screen protectors, chargers, data cables, mounts, stands, and more.

Equipment fund

Use your equipment fund to buy accessories. Enhance and personalise your mobile phone and tablet.

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Recycle your old, outdated and broken mobile devices. End-to-end recycling solutions with low admin time.

Refurbish or sell?

Refurbish your devices to "good-as-new" condition and assign it to another team member. Or, we'll buy back your old handsets at a fair price and credit your equipment fund. You can even use it to offset the price of a new device.

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Mobile Device Management

As your organisation grows, so does your risk of security threats.
Mobile Device Management (MDM) software provides central management of your mobile devices. Include devices from multiple providers and manage with a single dashboard. Protects your organisation from security threats. Monitor delivery of content, manage and configure devices with remote updates.


Call Recording

Take control of what employees and stakeholders are saying to clients and third parties. Advanced call recording will help resolve disputes and clarify transactions faster. You'll have immediate access to recorded calls. Restore and maintain good client relationships. Use it as a coaching tool and improve your teams performance. And if the need arises, call recording is the perfect witness in disciplinary procedures and legal matters.

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