Bring your landlines and mobile together and simplify your communications. Vodafone One Net is a complete cloud-based communications system. Unify your desk phones, mobiles and voicemail. So your team members can make and pick up calls anywhere. Mobile phones become virtual landlines. Whichever number a customer dials, your team members can answer the call at their desk or on their mobile.

Vodafone OneNet

"A "ready" business never misses a call."

Being ready means always being there when your customers need to contact you. Vodafone knows your employees' time is valuable. More important, they know your customers' time is too.

Vodafone was the first and only network in the UK to own both fixed and mobile infrastructures. They provide a high-quality, fully-integrated communications service. Meaning, you'll never have to miss a business call again. And you can work better, from anywhere, across a range of devices – all from one provider.

One number for your customers

There's no need for separate land line and mobile numbers. Your customers will see only one number, letting you make or take calls from any phone – wherever you are.

One voicemail for your business

Share a single voicemail box for all your numbers. Anyone in the company can retrieve messages and take action. This means you'll never miss a call.

One provider, one bill

Get one contract and one bill for all your fixed and mobile requirements. Save time and money by avoiding having to source from multiple suppliers.

A reliable connection

One Net Business is a secure and reliable system hosted on a core IP-based network. Dedicated voice connectivity managed end to end and monitored 24/7.

Direct your calls

Direct your calls or use hunt groups to direct callers straight to the right area of of the business. Phones can ring simultaneously or sequentially until the call is answered.

Always ready to answer

Monitor the call availability of colleagues to make sure there's always someone ready to answer. You can even switch all calls to mobiles or other business sites to avoid disruption.

Call recording

In association with Red Box Recorders, Vodafone delivers flexible, secure and resilient recording solutions which address specific regulatory needs. For businesses, Vodafone and Red Box Recorders take the confusion and headache out of compliance. For more information on Vodafone/Red Box call recording click here.

You're in control

The Feature Management Portal lets you can add functionality, and users, or even get new locations up and running. Users can manage their own calls and call profiles wherever they're using the mobile app.

One Net Collaboration

Add One Net Collaboration to make it even easier to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. It combines One Net Business with Microsoft Office 365 to let you answer calls on your fixed phone, mobile, tablet or computer. For more information on Microsoft Office 365 click here.